R2AK Hitia 17 reassembled with new pedal drive

After three weeks in the shop, Manu-o-ku is reassembled at Sail Sandpoint. We went from truck top to pedaling away in 1hr 20 minutes, then spent about the same time pedaling and paddling.

Here are the ship track and speed plot screengrabs from iSailGPS.

It is a synch to maintain 6.5 kph, but you have to mash & suffer a lot of noise (especially belowdecks) to hit 8. Not bad for the first iteration using Gary’s SS shaft & Rick’s SS propeller!

The tramps worked great, including retracting quickly to allow paddling on the inboard side of each hull.

Next step is to finish up the new mast and prepare to consult with James & Hanneke next week about the rig (in Greece)!

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Second news article for the day! Ballard News-Tribune

Shane Harms, from the Ballard News-Tribune, interviewed us a couple of weeks ago.  Here is that story! …oh and we won’t just be drinking olive oil though that sounds pretty gnarly!  We’ll be tossing down a bit of coffee and a whole load of pasta with that!

North Seattleites racing to Alaska _ Ballard News-Tribune