Ruckus news: R2AK 2019

The ruckus at the Wooden Boat Festival tonight was great fun. A highlight was this new promo video by the brilliant Zach Carver — 2019 R2AK promo video — which me helped explain what caused the exceptionally windy start to the 2015 Race Towards Alaska.

We also learned that 2019 will be the last R2AK, and that in 2020 things are going to change dramatically! But Jake and Dan won’t reveal how… It’s going to be a surprise!

2 thoughts on “Ruckus news: R2AK 2019”

  1. Hi Sea Runners,

    I am a fellow Hitia 17 sailor and interessed in your experiance with the A-Frame and Crab claw sail.
    At the moment I have rigged the spire sail, but it is of no use in choppy seas.
    Anyway great project, hope your still sailing her.

    1. It worked pretty well during the 2015 Race to Alaska and we tried a taller A-frame stepped further forward (where the forward-most beam is designed to go) during 2018 Barefoot Raid. It was heavy (solid spars), but I liked how the weight further forward helped level the boat. We took 3rd place and I really loved adding a square sail during downwind runs!

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